"Built by Hand"  A cable-stayed bridge up close and personal

I have been photographing the construction of Tilikum Crossing since day one. As I became further invested in the project, I began to convert the images from color to black-and-white, which allowed for a more in-depth look at the bridge construction process. This more focused view of the photographs led me to realize that this bridge is entirely built by hand. The images in this collection are an homage to the men and women who built this bridge with their hands.

As construction progressed, I had another idea that prompted me to think about the bridge in a particular way and it deepened my appreciation even further. The iron work is the bones of the bridge, the cable system is the muscle and the sinew that hold the bridge together. The concrete and the concrete finishing is the skin of the bridge, and the jewelry of the bridge comes with the catenary work—the handrails, the track work, and the aesthetic lighting.

Every piece of iron, every drop of concrete, every foot of cable has been touched by human hands. These acts, these events, will never be seen by the people who enjoy a stroll across this beautiful bridge. Except here.